Sensuality explained.

Ever got that feeling?




When you had a day by yourself.
Only doing things you want to do right in the moment..

Sleeping in.
Taking a long bath…
Long enough to relax your muscles…
Warm you up to the core..
And soften your skin.

When you took good care of your skin. Your hair. Your whole body.
Put on comfy clothes. Not pyjamas. But, you know, clothes that are just right. Warm without making you sweat. Soft fabric. Mh So good…
Something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.. You’ve been wearing it the whole day.

Your hair: airdried and nourished. Hair that is so happy that it falls perfectly without you even trying.

You did whatever made you happy in the moment. Whatever that was. Coffee.. Music lessons.. Chatting with someone you love.. Watching funny movies. Whatever it was. It calmed you down and relaxed your mind. So that you feel alive again. So that you get to feel your body, acknowledge your thoughts and emotions.. Without being attached to anything.

You get the urge to listen to a beautiful calm song that touches your soul..



Water fountain – Alec Benjamin


Press play

And than suddenly.. You start dancing. You didn’t intent to. You just do it… Feel every move your body does… Without thinking of how that might look like… Even if your neighbors might be watching… You don’t care. You don’t care about anything… In that moment there’s only you,.. your body,.. and that song.

Did this ever happen to you? Did it make you dance like you never did before? Did it make you feel and love your body? Did it make every second count? Did it make you love, enjoy every single second of that melody playing and did it let your body flow like a river through the harmony of the music?

If your answer is a yes:
Congratulations. You’ve met your truest self. That’s who you really are. A soul. In a human body. Using your instrument to spark joy within yourself.

In the moment you give in to music (and don’t hide it), you become sensuality in its purest form. No matter what kind of body you have or how you feel about dancing. If you feel like you can dance or not. Let me tell you a secret..: It’s your energy that gives off that sensual vibe.

Every body is a sensual body. Always. You just have to activate it sometimes. Just feel it and let it flow. Forget about the world. Nobody can tell you that you are not sensual.

A pretty girl is just a beautiful illusion in your 3D experience. But if you watch her dance like that. Sing like that. Talk like that. Write like that. Act like that. Paint like that.. Just flow like that.. If that’s what makes you feel attraction towards her.. Than it might be real. Because in that moment you see her soul. And the soul is what makes your body sensual. That’s why every body IS sensual. It’s the soul that shines through in a specific way. And it’s the same thing with what people call a „natural beauty“.

Sensuality is spirituality. And calmness. And joy.

And Love.

You can get from sensuality to love in 1 second. How? Love is in your heart. In your bones. In your DNA. It’s easy to access. You ARE Love. What made you think it would be something outside of you that you need to „reach“ in a socially acceptable time-frame to feel it? That’s ridiculous. Does the society make you feel the love? Or is it you, activating something that belongs to your core of existence?! Now if it’s not the „world outside of you“, how comes that they are able to give you a time-frame? Right. They’re not. Only you know when you feel it. Only you know IF you feel it and only you know how strong you feel it. Same applies to sensuality.

OK now as this post obviously isn’t ONLY about sensuality any more… There’s another topic I would like to bring in here, because it’s also connected to it. Well, for me it is. I guess that’s a matter of perspective. SO…

To those strange people who are wondering what artists are there for: just shut up and read the above again. 😂👆📖You still don’t get it? Oh.. 🎼🎶You poor unfortunate souls…🎶🎵

Don’t you worry. I got you. Here’s the answer:

Artists spark joy. That’s what they’re here for. Their mission is to remind the world that love is our purest nature. That it’s a part of all of us. It doesn’t matter what their art is about. They love what they do. That’s what sends the message of love. And I hope one day there will be so many of them that it touches every little beating heart on this planet.

So if you are an artist: thank you for being a light in this world. You inspire people more than you know. And if you are an artist on the inside but hide on the outside: Please share your voice. Share your creations. We need it. Trust me. We need it..

If I wouldn’t have listened to the water fountain song,.. I would not have gotten inspired to write this text and share my experience. And if I would not have listened to that one specific melody on Instagram some time ago, than I might not even have touched this website ever again… It changed me. That one really changed me. AND THAT’S THE POWER OF ART.


Take care wonderful human beings.


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